Friday, March 27, 2009

The Voice

Good Morning All,

I trust your day will be perfect and that your weekend will be filled with inspiration.

I guess it's becoming a ritual. Friday posts will be poetic. My thanks to Canadian photographer Claude Charlebois for the inspiration of his magnificent and spiritual photograph.

You can check out his inspiring photography at the following address.

The Voice
© 2009 Rolland G. Smith

I heard a voice the other day
It simply said, “I love my trees.”
The sky had clouds in swirled gray
With beams of light that bent my knees.

I listened more to what was said:
“My trees are friends and teachers too
They are the key and spirit thread
To prove that life will all renew.

Tell all of those who wish to know
The love and light of Source Supreme,
The lesson from my trees will show
The Truth is just before your dream."

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