Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIG Again

When you have extreme greed you have extreme threats. Wrong is wrong and two know the rest of the old adage.

The loony’s are out regarding AIG bonuses.

Fringe Americans continue to demonstrate insensitive, inordinate, incomprehensible stupidity.

The illiterate and the sadly ignorant cretins have come out of their detritus habitat to threaten lives instead of thinking and assessing the situation for the benefit of the whole.

Their threats, however, are real and they ought to be put away.

AIG Chief Executive Edward Liddy works for a dollar a year and is trying to divest the derivatives unit of the American International Group without harming the global economy. He testified before a Congressional Committee. He said employees at the company had received death threats to themselves and their families amid the national furor over bail out bonuses.

What AIG did in paying out exorbitant bonuses was wrong and the tax payer has the right to be upset. What some sub-human intellects with cowardly threats are doing is also wrong and it gives the grace of intelligent discourse, discussion and dialogue a set back in the evolution of common sense.

Where do we get these people who throw threats of harm at others? Have they no understanding of justice or the rule of law? They must have come out of the Al Quida school of anarchy and bullying.

To all threatening ignoramuses, you want to kill something? Kill prejudice. Assassinate injustice. Liquidate drug and child abuse. Slay the greed that causes hunger and obliterate ignorance so that threat adjudications will never again rise above the scum layer of life.

Boy do I feel better!

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