Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G-20 Summit

It’s time to think about the effect of thought on world leaders.

President Obama travels today to the G-20 summit in London. The organizers have suggested that this event could make a significant contribution to global economic recovery. Leaders of the G-20 countries are attending along with their finance ministers and top bankers.

There are some people who believe the thoughts we have for others are seen physically in our body language and sensed psychically through an unseen energy. It's been called many things, good will, prayer, light, vibration, and even the force.

Assume for a moment that our thoughts are a personal energy we can send to someone, even to the twenty world leaders and ministers meeting in London.

The men and women who govern different countries of the world are constantly being criticized or cursed by the citizens of the world for one reason or another. We are all quick to criticize, but we are slow to encourage, so our leaders are bombarded by negative thoughts.

To help our world, perhaps if we send our best thoughts to these fallible men and women it will inspire them to make choices for the common good and with common sense. If it works, if a little piece of our hearts, our energy, can indeed be felt by these men then we have everything to gain in this process. Problems get solved, change becomes positive, cooperation is the rule and mutual respect for the planet and humankind creates a global benefit.

Try it! It might work. We’ve got nothing to lose.

Perhaps next year the G-20 could be expanded to G-40 or G-60. Looking at the map above you'll notice most of Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia are missing as participants in the economic discussion. If we are looking at improving a global economy then everyone should be included. It is interesting that the G-20 comprises 80% of the worlds economy. What does that tell us?

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