Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Bowl Commercials

A lot of people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday night. It was broadcast throughout the world and what did the world see?

An American game called football and American life called commercials. The game was competitive and exciting. The commercials were suspect, silly and stupid. Many falsely depicted American life, values, morals and styles.

Wouldn't it have been a perfect time for the United States Government to spend a million plus tax dollars and take one minute of time to tell the world that we are on a new path?

We spend billions of dollars on pork projects so congressmen and women can tell their constituents they brought jobs, projects and stuff to their district or state.

Why don't we spend a small amount of tax dollars to tell the world who we are, what we stand for and where we hope to go in the future and invite the global community to join us.

Let the commercial tell the world that once again America is the evidence of our beliefs and by public example, in our election process, demonstrated to the world and to ourselves that democracy is still a valid and effective form of participatory government.

We live in a pragmatic world, often fearful, sometimes cruel and we the people are not perfect, but collectively we strive to live up to the founding ideals of our republic. We shout, we argue, we debate, we accuse and when the votes are counted we accept, we forgive, we get together and we live in diverse harmony until we do it again. That’s greatness, that’s America.

If we can sell a product in sixty seconds, why can’t we sell America?

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