Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know the peace we seek is not out there, but in there?

Did you know that flowers were originally created in another realm and sent to Gaia as a reminder of our connection?

Did you know we live in the illusion, not the reality?

Did you know that children today have a different DNA and purpose than in previous ages?

Did you know that each letter of every alphabet on earth has a different vibration that is altered to a collective vibration when combined into words and altered again when words combine into thoughts?

Did you know that a little piece of creation lingering for release in your heart could change humanity?

Did you know that each time you transit from life to life, you begin to laugh?

Did you know that the soul is bigger than the body?

Did you know that love is the unified field Einstein was looking for?

Did you know there is no future and no past, only NOW?

Did you know that God has no judgment; only man does?

Did you know that responsibility is really two words: Response and ability?

Did you know that all of these statements may be true and none may be true, but it is up to each of us to decide?


Anonymous said...

Did you know that you and your questions have all the importance of a raindrop?

"Huh," you might be saying to yourself. "I had no idea a raindrop was so important."

Yes, Mr. Smith. It is.

xoxo S

Anonymous said...

I believe your comment in the "DID YOU KNOW" section about the NOW is incorrect...
Isn't it:
There is NO NOW...ONLY the past and the future.
I met Rolland Smith many years ago through Bob Baker, who lived in Knoxboro NY at the time...( a long time ago!!)

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