Wednesday, February 18, 2009


There was an anonymous comment on my post from yesterday about Roland Burris.

Here’s what it said: “Yes, let's throw them all out. But, who will replace them? Will you run?”

I grant you that what I’d like to do and what one can do is separated by a practical chasm of resistance. The future has always been preceded by a vision of what it can be.

Yes, I would run, but for only one term and even before that I would suggest the country amend the terms of congress and the Presidency, which would eliminate the cost of continuous campaigns, do away with the seniority system, prevent politicians from making a career out of government, encourage true public service and lessen the need for government pork to insure reelection.

House of Representatives: One four year term.

Senate: One seven year term.

Presidency: One eight year term.

I would also do away with the Electoral College. It is archaic and its usefulness is suspect. In its place we can develop a secure electronic national voting system that can also be compartmentalized and used for local and state elections.

I would also encourage the development of a third party. There are too often issues that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to address or even embrace as part of their platform. A third party would at least give voice to those issues and the changing mores of our global society.

For all those elected and entrusted with our collective futures I would expect fairness, courtesy, transparency, and honesty.

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Topher08 said...

I enjoyed your recent post on Congress. I am curious as to how you arrived at your specific term lengths. To be honest, if the current state of affairs does not improve in the next 12-15 years, we could see a model similar to what you propose come into existence. I also agree with your stance on Electoral College. You should strongly consider running for elected office. You have a great deal of insight to offer and no one would outshine you in an interview, for sure. Keep up the wonderful postings, sorry not to have responded in some time.

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