Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roland Burris

Mr. Burris of Illinois you are not my Senator and other than wanting to see purity, integrity and ethical standards returned to a Congress that lacks them, I have no regional status to ask you to stand down.

Having said that, “integrity” is an important quality that Americans claim to uphold, but few demand of their elected officials.

I will stand up and say I demand honesty from not only my representatives, but also all representatives in this and future congresses. Mr. Burris you are a smart man and have good intentions, but you cannot parse the law.

For too long Congress has been an elitist club and as a citizen I want it to stop. These are tough global times and we need honest people in high positions. You, who are elected and reelected, are not there for your personal aggrandizement, but to serve me and my fellow citizens no matter where we live. If you cannot act for the common good and common sense with common decency and transparent honesty then ethically you must resign.

In fact, I am ready to see every elected representative in both the House and Senate replaced with new people of integrity, ethics, common sense, and a personal dedication to service for the greater good rather than the partisan good. New standards must be set for the old ones are corrupt.

I am tired of the bickering, and the accusations of politics and I want courtesy, diplomacy, fairness and statesmanship returned to my Congress.

For too long all of you in senior positions have enjoyed the largess of the American People and it is time to stop. It is time for accountability. Seniority should no longer guarantee power.
Let us start with the tax returns of every member of Congress examined with the same criteria that common citizens tax returns are examined and because Congress supposedly serve the public, the returns should be a public record.

Mr. Burris, you claim you did not commit perjury in your testimony to the Blagojevich impeachment committee. Yet, there are many shaded answers or non-answers that you gave and in your amended testimony you give the appearance of political skulduggery. You are a lawyer.

Why should I think differently?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, let's throw them all out. But, who will replace them? Will you run?

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