Thursday, February 5, 2009

Climate and Cheney

Good Morning from cold Key West.

It’s supposed to be warm this far south in the good ol’ USA, but so far nobody told that to Mother Nature. Record lows they say. If I wanted record lows I would have stayed home where the low temperature this morning was minus two degrees. Oh Well.

The weather seems to be one of the two topics of interest and conversation this morning. The other one is television talk on the interview remarks of former Vice President Cheney suggesting that if the Obama Administration wants America to stay safe then they better keep the Cheney – Bush policies in effect.

Mr. Cheney has the same rights as the rest of us do in speaking his mind in a free society. However, common sense would deem it inappropriate for a just recent former official to suggest only his policies would keep America from terrorist harm.

It is time for Mr. Cheney to retire, mend his back and mind his mouth, plant some flowers and reflect on the rights he has usurped in his zeal to force his beliefs on the American public and the world through the catalyst of fear.

There I feel warmer already.


Anonymous said...

This is it. My very favorite post ever to your blog. Just remember Mr. Smith, wherever you go, there you are. If it makes you feel any better, it's rainy here today in CA. I send you two snowbirds a warm hug. S

Barry said...

I have no respect for the former vice-president. I only had respect for the office of the vice president he held. Now that he's out of office, Mr. Smith, you are right, he needs to retire. Dick Cheney is the same guy Nelson Mandela called a dinosaur in a Newsweek interview.

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