Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Somebody has to say it...

For decades…yea, even the past century the American people have had the fourth estate covering their backs. A free press is a bulwark against a secret government.

Mr. Trump’s castigation of the press; his constant attack is undermining the legacy and admonition of Thomas Jefferson that a free press is necessary to democracy and for our republic to survive.

All tyrants attempt to control the media. It is the only way for the skullduggery of political shenanigans to succeed. Mr. Trump is not a tyrant, yet, but his actions indicate that that is a modality he probably would prefer. Under his aegis press briefings have gone from daily briefings to no cameras only a recording of audio and no visual accountability to the public.

I am also deeply disturbed at the Republican majority in Congress. I understand the need for fiscal responsibility. I understand the need to lessen the deficit and curtail some rampant entitlements. I also acknowledge the Congressional Budget Office non-partisan calculation that, if passed in its current form, 22 million more American’s will lose insurance coverage under the  Senate Healthcare proposal, while the wealthy will reap major profits with tax cuts.

Something is wrong folks! If we are a country “of the people, for the people and by the people” then why are 22-million or more people getting screwed by the elitists in Congress. That is not representative government. It is an oligarchy.

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