Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's time...

I have been a professional observer of the global condition for five plus decades. Granted it started locally and in time moved globally as I watched the passion of politics move from acceptable and reasonable compromise for the good of the whole into the incompetence of partisan oligarchy.

Now, well into my 5th decade of observation, I watch the antics of fallible beliefs dissolve into and infect the efficacy of our Republic. We are a nation of the promise of adherence to the rule of law. That is the Republic our founding fathers have given us!

The rule of law, both the written fallible ones of legislative degree, that change as generations pass, and the moral and ethical laws that stem from our connection to the Divine have been usurped by the monocular constriction of partisanship and blindness into the devastating effect on future generations.

The Democrats fillibuster of Judge Gorsuch, which will then induce the Republican majority to vote for the nuclear option of a simple majority for confirmation is ill thought out by minority leadership and will come back to haunt them should Mr. Trump have eight years in office. The adage is still true. "It is better to lose the battle than losing the war."

Now is not the time for tit for tat, it is not the time for a quid pro quo, it is not the time in the parlance of the street, "to get even."

It is a time to grow up and embrace the real problems our country and our world face together.

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