Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I am often touting the efficacy of our interconnection not only to each other but also to nature herself.

For too long we modern humans have taken for granted, ignored and abused the very nature that feeds, cures and shelters us. We forget there is a symbiotic relationship between all life and we are all in service to each other.

The native peoples of the world see it differently. They acknowledge with thanks the life they take for food. They vocally appreciate the plants they take for medicine and sustenance, and they are careful not to take all so that the nature kingdoms and the phylum families can replenish what is harvested.

The modern mind has forgotten that appreciation is a viable communication link between species and kingdoms and that giving thanks connects all of us to the One Source of All That Is.

The Findhorn experiment surprised science years ago that a new age community working with nature divas and angelic spirits and compost could grow unusual plants, fruits, and vegetables in the inhospitable climate of Northern Scotland.

Findhorn’s secret, if you need to call it that, was to acknowledge a plant kingdom and diva caretaker existence, listen to their needs, and say, “thank you.”

I bring all this up to offer a consideration.

What if the occasional story of a Dolphin saving a human from a shark attack, or of pet dogs protecting a lost child in the woods with the warmth of their bodies, or of a food source appearing and sacrificing its life in time of great hunger; what if all these unusual happenings are nothing other than a way to get our attention to acknowledge our interconnection to all things?

What if a disease is a way to get our attention?

What if? I’m just asking!

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