Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I got thinking about borders the other day. You know the borders between, yards, towns, states, and countries. My thought concentration was on the borders of countries. The United States has a very lengthy border between the US and Canada. We have another contentious border with Mexico.

I then moved my thinking into another realm. I chose Heaven. Why not! In my fantasy place, there were no borders, fences, walls, or checkpoints to pass from one place to the other.

It was an interesting dichotomy.

Then came the finite earthly questions in my wonderings. Why on this sentient and nourishing planet do we have borders? Why when all ancient disciplines teach and preach that there is enough for all and we still see intrusion as an attack on our safety and comfort. If, in spirit, we see the other as equal, then why in form are we so protective?

The answer is probably perceived in differences and in that acknowledgment comes protections. Protections are needed to accommodate fear; fear is the needed emotion to precipitate change and encourage the difficult task of letting go.

Letting Go of Fear always brings us to love.

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