Monday, April 17, 2017

A Holy Time

Passover and Easter are often intertwined as they are this year.

It is often hard to embrace the centuries-old message of Easter and Passover when we are mired in seeming fear and worry from terrorists and terrorist’s threats. Today we are occupied with concern for our servicemen and women and their safety in so many fields of harm, and at home, we struggle just to meet the daily needs of our families in tough economic times.

Easter for Christians around the world is a time of renewal and rebirth, not only of one’s faith but also of the joy and peace that is supposed to come from the practice of that faith. Passover is a happy time with the four questions of one's faith.

In general, it seems to me that many who profess to practice their faith, no matter in what religion it is structured, more often they talk a good game, but come up short in honoring one’s God with tolerance, non-judgment, and unconditional love. Me included.

Opportunities of selfless and Samaritan acts of grace go by the wayside when quick judgments, dogmatic bickering, and historic ethnic hatreds rule our everyday actions.

There is good and truth in all faiths, all religions. It is man who creates the differences and the conflicts to worship the same God of many names.

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