Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Prophet

My friend Dick Prophet passed the other day. We were high school classmates. May he rest in peace.

The Prophet
©2016 Rolland G. Smith

I knew a man; I did not know
Accept I did when we were teens.
I knew him new when we got old
His heart and mind no space between.

He died the other day; I’m told.
His life lived well. Now, no more pain.
For me, It’s sad; we lived apart
For early friends, when old, remain.

Age is a time when we must go
Beyond the flesh of mortal life.
Where alabaster cities gleam,
And love is all. There is no strife.

My friend is there, where we will go
When all our challenges are gone.
He sees the truth of earthly faults.
His spirit lives in heaven’s dawn.

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