Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Convention Observations

I am sorry for the grief of a Mother, who lost a son in Benghazi. I can empathize.  I lost a son to brain cancer. Either through war or illness, a child is dead. I’ve gotten past of my sorrow, and I hold my grief close to my heart.

Patricia Smith moved her Mother’s grief onto the political arena, and I am sorry that this was the only venue she felt open to her to grieve and to blame. Investigations and committees have proved her emotional conclusion as not valid. I’ll leave it at that. I do believe she was used by political hacks who care not for the truth, but only to discredit Hillary Clinton. 

I am sorry that Melania’s speech was partly plagiarized from a 2008 convention speech by Michele Obama. Even though Mrs. Trump says she wrote it; she surely had counsel in its formation and what was good about it was ignored. She was ill-served by her staff.

Last night, day two, I did not watch. I stayed silent. Silence is the only place where nothingness prevents intrusion of thought. It is the space between thoughts, between breaths, between the blink of the eyes, between the sacred moment of life and death and the singular awareness that there is only NOW.

I’ll read last night's convention highlights today.

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