Monday, July 18, 2016

Convention Week

Good Morning,

Here is it is Monday and this should be an exciting week. We’ve got the GOP convention in Cleveland. I wonder if the city had known who would be the presumptive nominee and the contention it could bring, would they have submitted their bid to the city selection committee?

That’s a wonderment that will never have an answer.

Unlike past Republican conventions, this will be unscripted in many ways and probably volatile.

I will watch it and look for balanced coverage. I do miss the old days when the big three networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC would go all out for coverage and have their main anchors, Walter, Chet and David and Howard pulling significant overtime to keep us informed. I will switch between CNN and MSNBC. I like Brian Williams. I think he is a good reporter, a fine anchor, and he does his homework.

In many ways Cleveland reminds me of Chicago in 1968. It was my first convention as a reporter. I covered the local angle for my station. It was a doozy of a convention. Anti-war demonstrators in the streets. Mayor Daily thugs on the convention floor. Contention between Democrats; it was an awakening for a young reporter.

This week I will send some effort in trying not to get caught up in the hype, the anger, the controversies and the theater that promotes a Trump ticket as President. This is history in the making and even though I am an observer and not a reporter at the event, I still want to see it.

There will be drama both scheduled and as well as improvisational.  Conventions and coverage are different now, but still, I wish I could be there.

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