Friday, June 3, 2016

This Morning

This Morning

I trust this day will find you in the easy experience of just living with joy and appreciation. We all participate in the theater of life and often worry about innocuous things and events when in fact the outcome is never the lesson, only the doing is.

This Thursday morning is one of those special epiphany beginnings. It’s a lazy day for me. I have nothing I have to do today. We need days like this every so often.

An early morning dampness and the expectation of rain encourages a fresh look at the meaning of life. At first, finding meaning in just a look around seems impossible, but then, if we move within the glance, to the power of the inner observation, meaning abounds.

I walked in the garden. A coffee cup cradled in my hands. The House Wrens were already busy with their young in a potted fern where they built their nest. Five eggs were there when I first looked. I don’t think they all will survive. The adults have such a sweet sound, a melodic warble that sustains a lasting smile.

The little ones are not yet ready to leave the nest. What a leap of faith that is for these tiny feathered creatures. Their only experience is sharing a nest and being fed and then one day they must jump into flight and life. There is hesitation, but no fear. Why is that? Trust, I suspect, is the freedom to take the leap. We humans could use a little more trust and a little less fear.

The brilliant yellow Day Lilies ascend their color to match the rising sun, each one finding a way to the light. They share water and the ground with other plants and flowers taking no more space that what they need. Another lesson for humankind if we choose to see it.

May your day be filled with grace, appreciation and the awareness of nature.

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