Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Read or Listen

This will be a different post for me. I am going to experiment podcasting my posts so those who choose to do so, can listen to them as well as read them. For those of you who read this on Blogger you will have to go to to hear the post until I can figure out a way to post sound on Blogger.

I might just as well make it a quasi-political post. I will not rant. I will not rave. I will only offer a political process observation.

The process that Donald Trump is using to win his party’s nomination is different and may well work, and he may succeed in his quest for the Presidency. The process that Hillary Clinton is using is a method that has worked for countless contenders seeking the highest office in the land. She hopes it will work again. The ‘feel the burn’ approach from the Sanders folks is also reminiscent of recent third-party candidate’s methodology; Eugene McCarthy and Ross Perot come to mind. It may be time for America to embrace a major third party in our modern political system.

I have decided to trust the collective electorate that the right decision will be made in the voting booth to fit within the current consciousness of America. Yes, I will cast my ballot as others will, and the winning result should never engender violence or anger. The majority rules. This is the way of free choice that has been the foundation of this republic for the last two-hundred plus years.

The major unknown in this contentious election cycle are the numbers of people who will vote. I suspect it will be more than ever before, and that’s a good thing.

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