Wednesday, September 9, 2015

For Annie

I re-read something the other day that is beautiful and appropriate for Ann. It is from poet Sandra Bury. It is entitled: Leave taking when death begins to call.

“When the coming of your death became an awareness on the planet, some wondrous events began.  The word went out that you were preparing to leave, to leave this place that you call home.
The word was heard by the wind and it promised to blow under you and push you. The clouds heard the wind and billowed for joy. “You may land on us and float for awhile.”

The rain said “I’ll wash the air clean,” while each star polished itself to a brilliant shine.
In the presence of your impending death the earth prepared to send you forth. The gravity that held you so tightly began to lose its grip. It called, “let loose, let loose and fly”, as you began to float, a squirrel noticed and remembered; remembered how you saved those things that were important to you.
He told the rabbit, who told the turtle, who told the bird. “She’s coming,” they whispered.
The bird sang your memories a joyous release.
A long wolf heard the song.

The wolf stood on cold tundra howling her appreciation of all the lessons you learned so well. Some distant pines heard the howl and knew of your leaving. They swayed, releasing their fragrance to be with you. The fragrance was gathered in by the swiftest of hawks, flown high with the wisdom that the great hawk knows. The hawk told a passing eagle who swooped and soared until, finding your spirit loose on the wind, carried it forward to a joyous rainbow.

The rainbow said, “come, I’ve been waiting. The colors are all for you!”
When the moon heard this, it shouted, “prepare!” A life well lived is approaching!”
The stars again polished their shine until the illumination was all encompassing.
Your soul saw and knew it was going home.
Home to the light, home to the sun, and home beyond home.
And it met with all that it had always known: The silent and brilliant mystery. The Source. God.
The entire mystery burst with the splendor of “Welcome, welcome, we have been waiting.”
The Source, with all the ancestors gathered round, enfolded you and danced your coming.
While far away, in the world you had known, a group of your loved ones and friends gathered to speak your praises, to sing your leaving and to forever remember.

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