Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ann Gormley Smith

Ann Gormley Smith, my beloved, passed to the other side early Saturday morning. I shall miss her form, her companionship and her counsel, but she is not gone in my heart or in my mind.

My tears and sadness are for me, not her, for she is home.

Saturday was September 5th. One-hundred and one years ago on the same date, September 5th 1914, French poet and philosopher Charles Peguy passed from a bullet wound in the first battle of the Marne. His poem about Saint Augustin facing death is a beautiful reminder that we never die.

Love never ends,
Death is nothing.
I have only moved into the next room
I am me and you are you;
What we have been to each other
We will be forever.
Call me by the name
You always used,
Speak to me as you have always done;
Don’t change anything;
Don’t be solemn or sad.
Continue to laugh at what we found funny,
Smile, think of me, pray for me;
Speak of me as you always did.
Life means what it has always meant;
It is what is has always been;
The thread has not been cut.
Why would I not be in your thoughts
Simply because I am not in sight?
I am waiting for you;
I am not far away,
Just on the other side of the road,
See, all is good.

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