Monday, March 16, 2015

Is Tom Cotton another Joe McCarthy?

Should we be to be concerned?

The letter sent to Iran by 47 members of congress and meant to undermine negotiations for a nuclear deal was penned by a young senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton.

Note: Some think the signers could be charged for violating the Logan Act. A law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.

Mr. Cotton thinks that a negotiation by the UN Security Council with Iran is the same as the “appeasement of Nazi Germany.” Apparently Mr. Cotton thinks war is the better than negotiation. The comparison between Nazi Germany and Iran is ludicrous.

Mr. Cotton does not reflect the majority ethics and compassion of America. He has called the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay “savages” and has suggested that if they don’t rot in hell they can rot in Guantanamo.

Mr. Cotton thinks killer drones should be expanded, that bombing makes us safer, that food-stamp recipients are “addicts,” that the boarder with Mexico is wide open and we should be very afraid because Hezbollah is working with Mexican locals to cross our borders and attack, and that reporters ought to be prosecuted for expository journalism.

He is Harvard Educated, a veteran, a lawyer, and at 37 is the youngest current U.S. Senator and some of his opinions are narrow minded, not based on fact and misleading. I wonder.

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