Thursday, March 5, 2015

Every so often

Every so often I think each of us needs to be reminded of something greater than ourselves. The reminders can come in little and big ways. If we are sensitive enough to the nuances of beauty, grace, and grandure we will see the reminder in little things; a song on the radio, a bird in flight, a child's laughter, the aroma of a pine forest after a summer rain, even the sifted drifted dunes of snow.

The big reminders are not always apparent. Sometimes they slam into your consciousness. One like that hit me today as I drove from Vail to Aspen in Colorado. I rounded a curve on I-70 before me was the magnificent Glenwood canyon with steep cragged walls, the Colorado river at the base and slivered spills of sunlight resting on the high verticle out croppings.

I felt so small, but immediatly part of all That Is.

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