Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thoughts over a waning fire

What truly bothers me in all my readings and attempted assessments of the current events that affect our lives is the lack of honesty in conversation, communication and professed compassions.

In the lack of disclosing all the truth there is no way to get to the core problem or solution of any issue unless all emotions, expectations, and involvements, past and present, are disclosed in the open arena of truth.

It’s true in politics, business, family and personal relationships. So many issues, in the benevolent or even criminal desire to hide motives, will distort, eliminate and defy the truth in order to defend a position or greed-desired result.

If we, as the angelic beings that we are, wish to have an honest human experience, we must choose for the truth over and over again.

Anything less, diminishes our being, our missions, our lives and our advancement in the realms of spirit.

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