Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Power of Love

Someone asked me a question and this seems to be an answer.

When someone says something to you that they perceive as your truth and it’s negative and wrong and you know that it is not you, but courteous denial fails to convince or change  misconceived perceptions; what do you do?

You can fight and argue. You can laugh and ignore or you can love unconditionally the accusing individual who will not change by facts or intellectual discernment or even remotely try to understand the inner spirit and truth of another.

Love is a profound weapon of unlimited power that was given to humankind to conquer the untruths of a human experience.

We have forgotten that gift in our grab for material things and acceptance. Worry not for perceptions change instantaneously when unconditional love is present.

Once when Gandhi was in his prime, a very big man of a different faith approached him and picked him up by the neck and began to choke him. Gandhi looked at him with such love the man put him down and began to weep.

Such is the power of love.

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