Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Letter to Uncle Sam

Dear Uncle Sam.

You’ll forgive me if I have a little trouble believing your current government’s assessment of chemical weapons use by the Assad regime in Syria and then using that claim as an excuse to bomb and threaten, and otherwise expand the Syrian civil war.

Any involvement by our current government will certainly have unintended consequences. I am also very disappointed in the continuing support of President Assad by Russia and China. I guess that says a lot about their humanitarian character.

However, the last time I believed your government’s assessment of weapons of mass destruction it turned out to be a blatant lie and the government in power at that time led us into an unjustified war.

I’m sure you understand my reluctance to support any action until the chemical weapons use is verified by third party, non-belligerent and non-government sources.

I would like to add Uncle that if the chemical weapons use is verified then it would be a cruel and cowardly crime against humanity and Mr. Assad, like the Nazi’s before him, should be held accountable.

I do want you to know that despite my criticism you do remain my favorite Uncle and I do appreciate your guidance through the years.

With respect,


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