Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a bunch of “Why” questions in this blog.

Why does Turkey have to retaliate for the downing of their jet fighter that strayed into Syrian territority. Turkey admitted that their jet strayed and Syria said it was a mistake to shoot it down. What more do they need? These things happen at borders and mistakes are made especially when tensions are heightened as they are in the now apparent Syrian civil war.

Why do the Republicans have to counter every reasonable statement from Democrats? Why do Democrats have to parry every Republican suggestion? Both sides are harming our democracy and preventing some good to be accomplished by this congress.

Why cannot the American public know what individuals and what organizations are contributing millions and millions of dollars in order to promote their agenda and discredit the candidate? Secret Super Pacs are wrong and should be illegal.

Why do we bother to be voyeurs and read the “Now it can be told” missive from John Edward’s mistress. What is wrong with us?

It seems to be we need to ask ourselves more “whys” each day and then answer them with honesty and maybe even a little shame.

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