Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Traveling Stuff

I had forgotten just how desolately beautiful the high desert can be. I am here in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a few days and although I’ve been here many times before it has been a long time since I felt the land, and the ancients and their culture.

Elegant adobe homes make up the spotted communities on the desert floor around Santa Fe. Adobe huts make up the landscape of the poor. The native peoples known as “Dine” live in the pueblos of their ancestors and with the restrictions of the United States Government that took their land in a westward expansion and gave them the worst of it in which to live.

A few observations on my flight out here.

Some seatmates are talkative and some are not.

Some travelers adhere to the airline rules about electronic devices and some do not.

Airline service seems to diminish as the cost of operation and tickets goes up.

Some travelers continue to dumb-down their appearance and look like slobs; the young ones especially. Flip flops and tank tops are unacceptable traveling attire.

People pee more at altitude. Why is that?

Over stuffed carry-on luggage should not be allowed. I watched one woman try to squeeze her suitcase into an overhead bin all the while holding boarding passengers behind her from getting to their seats.

More from the desert in the next few days.

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