Friday, June 15, 2012

Dad's Day

Ah...this Sunday is Father's Day.

When I became a father.  I cried.  It was a little embarrassing, standing there at the nursery window, the emotion of the birth manifesting in tears of wonder and awe. I was truly surprised at my reaction. When my next child was born in the same hospital. I didn't cry, for by that time I was prepared for the overwhelming joy, fun and responsibility of being a Dad.

         Through the years my eyes would tear again with the delight of accomplishment and pride as I watched my three sons grow to be men and unfold their personalities and become seekers of truths and then become Father’s themselves.

         In the dictionary the word "Father" is appropriately placed between two words. "Fathead" and "Fathom"

         I don't know of any Father who doesn’t think he’s been a fathead once or twice in rearing children.

          "Fathom", as a noun, is a measure of length, the span of two arms outstretched. The beginning of an embrace, the healing affection of a hug and one of the nicest gifts a father can receive and give for it acknowledges the equality of appreciation of one to the other.

         Happy Fathers Day.

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