Friday, June 29, 2012

Eastern Heat

So here it is a Friday in late June and the heat is predicted for the East today, tomorrow and Sunday.

Many of us have the privileged to exercise air-conditioning when we need it. So many do not. I often wonder why some of us have stuff and others do not.

I know it's a matter of practical economics, but what is beyond that, if anything. Could it be a choice at some higher level of spiritual understanding that allows each of us to set the situations that create a different choice at a lower finite level so that we can make the right choices of help and balance?

These are serious questions that must be pondered, but not when the heat comes.

I remember during the few very cold days of last winter when I wrote another thought about the cold. Maybe it will help with today’s heat.

Here it is from wintertime.

“This day is a draining, shivering cold. There is a frigid thunk to the wind chimes on the porch, not the usual resonate ring of atoms in easy motion. The chime sound is tight, quick and solid as if it is too hard and too stiff for even the ring to move beyond its source. Everything has stillness about it except the wind and it too shivers as it seeks the elusive warmth of icy friction”.

I will read it twice and see if it helps this weekend.

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