Friday, April 20, 2012

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent!

Ted Nugent! If you are listening and supporting him and his alter ego Glen Beck you may be a closet bigot. His recent inflammatory political comments against President Obama and others have earned him an appointment with the Secret Service.

This guy and all those like him are provocateurs. They say things to stir up the latent prejudices inherent in the human mind.

Since narrow-minded people are unable to contain their hatreds they encourage others to join them; it validates their prejudice. History is filled with megalomaniacs who only see an ideology of their own making and eliminate any opposition. 

Nugent hides behind the legitimacy of the NRA. He lurks in the shadows of extreme conservatism.  He keeps his ego active in subpar and mindless television shows. Homer Simpson twice endorsed him for president. What does that tell you?

Thirty years ago Nugent was consider a heavy metal rock star. Today he is a braggart, a bigot, a bore and a subject for the Secret Service to watch.

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