Monday, April 16, 2012

New York City

I had to be in New York City yesterday. I am in Manhattan for an overnight stay in order to work on a documentary project this morning.

Usually I come in this city of window stacks and cobbled cracks earlier in the morning and I am out by the evening rush hour. This time I came in at the evening rush hour and what a difference.

Just getting off the train and heading to the subway line I needed was an obstacle and an ordeal I had not anticipated. People, people everywhere. They moved in front of me, crossed sideways, diagonally and always rushing to bus or train or appointments. No one says excuse me. No one gives way. I hate to say it, but rudeness has become the rush hour norm.

At first I was mumbling and silently complaining and criticizing every encounter, but then I finally said to myself, relax, what you are seeing is finite life in action. Enjoy the experience and participate in it with joy and unconditional expectation.

It made the world of difference in my walking journey of several blocks. I finally enjoyed the languages I heard, two of which I could not recognize. I smiled at the stoppages, the red lights, the taxi's who tooted impatiently at all of us walking across the street.

I embraced all those who moved so close to me they interrupted my aura with a nudge or a jolt. It was humanity at its busiest. It was God in expression.

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