Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Harbinger of Red

Have you ever noticed how spring moves North? Somebody once said it comes North about 20-miles a day. I think it’s less than that, but it really doesn’t matter. It depends on the jet stream and weather systems.

A few hundred miles to my South it’s already spring. It’s warm and colorful and aromatic.

Right now I am waiting for the blossoming of an old friend. It is a single red tulip near my front porch that comes back year after year. The leaves are there, but not stem. When it blooms I know its time to plant without worry of frost.

Here’s picture from two years ago.

Tulips Touch of Spring

© 2011 Rolland G. Smith

A single Tulip near my porch
Ascends alone as crimson torch
To be the one by teaching all
That it’s alive long past the fall.

I read its thoughts within the red
And vow to spread the message said:

It matters not where you abide
As long as you subside your pride
And be your bright upon the earth

As blessed within God’s love and mirth.

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