Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally There Farm

Every once in awhile in our earthly travels we come upon a place of peace. It immediately resonates with our spirits and we stand in awe, not only of what we are seeing, but also of what we are feeling.

During my visit to Lynchburg last week I was invited to such a place. It is called, “Finally There” farm.

I will share it with you in a poem.

Finally There Farm
© 2011 Rolland G. Smith

There is a farm called "Finally There"
Where nature spirits come to share
The truth of life where all is free
In new dimensions few can see.

Soft mountaintops and rolling hills,
Let breezes dance on rocks and rills.
The cattle roam on grass serene
To dot the meadows: black on green.

There's something else 'bout Finally There
That's different and earthly rare.
There's peace and calm - tranquility
From all the places we can see.

Some souls will see a normal farm
Of scenic grace and natural charm.
But inner sight sees spirit's play
Within the valleys light bouquet.

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