Thursday, April 21, 2011


For those who accept the concept of human auras I had an interesting experience yesterday walking in New York City.

I didn’t actually see anybody’s aura, but I pretended I did as I walked by or passed and chris-crossed or side stepped and dodged hundreds and hundreds of pedestrians as I walked to my destination.

It was a remarkable. In my pretend seeing, all of our auras meshed or blended and intermingled and passed through each other.

I imagined each aura color blending and changing as they glided and sailed by and through or bounced off of one another. Each of our singular human frequencies instantaneously changed as we walked by each other, but quickly returned to its native state. If only for an instant we were ONE with the other. It was extraordinary.

My individuality sustained itself, as did the persona of all the other people in whose proximity I wandered.

My persona also embraced the essence and frequency of each individual I passed. It was like our spirits hugged, embraced and kissed and went on their separate ways.

I wondered if this could be true for all the world's souls and if we could but see the auras would we not know just how alike, connected and ONE we really are?

Such fantasy! Isn’t it wonderful?

PS: My new website is coming very soon. I will move these postings to the new website so stay tuned.

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