Friday, December 11, 2009

War and the Peace Prize

Dichotomy is a wonderful word. It allows us to say one thing and do another. It supports two separate mutually exclusive parts with integrity. On one hand it is illogical and on the other it is the logic necessary to account for the difference between words and action.
President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. Even though he did not initiate the actions, he is the Commander in Chief of two wars being fought a half a world away.
The question is: How do you morally accept a peace award when you are fighting two wars? I know how he justified it. He made a strong argument for a just war. I also understand the criteria the Nobel Committee employs, but this is only a question for contemplation, not adjudication.
This is not a criticism of the Nobel Prize process nor of President Obama's acceptance of it. It is only a question. For some it is a rhetorical question. For others it is an essential component into the psyche of human thought, its logic, its philosophy and especially its ethics.
If you accept that “ethics” are sets of unenforceable values by which we choose to live, then “dichotomous” is the perfect out to say one thing and do and be another.
In this day and age I am happy that some are thinking “Peace” even though, as a global society, we do not have it or practice it. I would like us all to be honest in our definition of what real peace is and then be it individually and enact it as a global community. It starts by stopping the blaming of somebody for something and taking personal responsibility for our thoughts and actions.
According to the UN, there are ten major wars going on right now, with major wars being defined as wars with 1000 battlefield deaths per year or more. There are also 32 current civil or "intrastate" wars, with mostly civilian casualties.
In my thinking there should not be a single “Nobel Peace Prize” awarded to anyone when there is a war-like conflict going on anywhere in the world. I do understand the difference that trying to encourage peace is different from achieving peace. I still think none should be awarded until there is a global peace.
Alfred Nobel was the man who invented dynamite. The money accumulated from his invention funds the Nobel Prizes. Dynamite and its advance components are the ingredients of bombs. Bombs are part of war.
Mr. Nobel thought his invention was so powerful that it would put an end to war. How times have changed!

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Anonymous said...

I was depressed last night so I called Lifeline.

Got a call center in Pakistan.

I told them I was suicidal.

They got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.

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