Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Creative Thoughts

There is an old saying that says we attract to us what we fear the most. If that's true, then it is time to let go of our fear and acknowledge that within each of us is an immense creative energy that can fill the empty space where fear was and find a way out of its sadness, despair, and the negative conditions for which we often blame others.

Perhaps it is time we see ourselves as creators.  Not only the creator of things, but also of attitudes and personal conditions.

We often constrict our creative self by placing false limits.  We often inadvertantly deny those in need by believing security is having more or success is stuff.  Sometimes we delude those we say we love by only loving ourselves through them and not honoring their choice and sacred self.

Perhaps it is time to listen to the life force of our hearts, for it lets us hear the trees, the oceans, the plants and animals and even strangers when they speak to us.

That life force is unconditional love, which translates to respect, courtesy and kindness.

It has never been tried on a mass scale.

It seems to me we have nothing to lose.


Gabi K said...

Scary thought, that we have nothing to lose and still aren't "able" to change behaviour...

Mano said...


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