Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A friend of mine recently had a serious accident and was in that space between life and death. He knew it and in his mind invoked the names of the archangels.
He also said he felt the prayers of those attending him from the air ambulance to friends who prayed as he went through several days of touch and go.
This in some ways is the classic experience of an NDE, a Near Death Experience.
When one has lost conscious thought and balance within the illusion of earthly life there is an awareness of comforting light and love that descends and then transcends the density of our creation. It brings our etheric being into the NOW in a singular moment of being.
In some disciplines this is called Nirvana, in others it is called “living in the moment,” still others use the words “rapture” and “atonement”, (at-one-ment.) Certain types and kinds of meditation, hallucinogenics, music, chants, and drumming will also bring one to this enlightened brink of choice.
There are many ways to get to the precipice of NOW, but the most common is a surprise accident, as in a spontaneous trauma to the physical body where knowing consciousness is ripped from the intellectual mind and awareness is then manipulated by the divinity within us. We are then confronted with a profound choice. Do we stay or do we go?
Sometimes the answer is made for us by angelic beings and we are sent back to finish the life cycle we choose only a moment ago in another realm, but years and years ago in this illusion of time and reality.
Sometimes, it is us who chooses to return to this density when powerful images of unaware possibilities and unattended consequences are presented to our divine nature. We then choose for unconditional love and finish our pre-life choise.
The caveat in all this is the phenomenal power of prayer. Prayer can pull you back into life. It can heal. It can bring you from the addictive attraction of the loving light to the knowing individuation of spiritual promise.
Prayer is the freeing essence of unconditional love and the most misunderstood anecdotes of all bodily traumas.
As Spock says, “live long and prosper”.

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