Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Christmas Holiday season is always a time to think about life and spirit. Life as in what we do every day, the pleasures we enjoy, the people we love, the compassion we give and the daily courtesies extended to us as unwrapped gifts.
Spirit as in what we believe or know to be true; that part of us, deep within that senses something more to life, to us, than what we do everyday.
Each of us embraces spirit in our unique way. Some see it in religion and religious ritual. Some find it Samaritan giving. Some feel it in meditation, prayer, and good works. All of us have a sentient spiritual component even though some choose to ignore it.
When I was growing up my Mother would say, “Your guardian angel will protect you.” As a child I thought that meant some angel spent my lifetime hovering over me to protect me from harm and/or guide my youthful choices. Even now, as an adult, I still like the idea of some entity looking after me and I do firmly know that angelic beings do exist and they interact with the physical world.
My concept of a “guardian angel” has changed. What I think now, after years of study and thought, is that my “guardian angel” is me looking out for me. The spiritual component of my being is in fact my “guardian angel.”
My Canadian friend and meta-philosopher, the late Kenneth George Mills put it this way in one of his many books.

"The angel-hood of "you" is always claiming your attention to consider your Transcendent Nature, and that's what the angels always do.
They're always calling you to consider That which you aren't...crying.
Usually the one caught in the flesh needs to be cried unto in order for the angels to get his attention. That's why your son or your daughter would cry to you. They would cry to get your attention.
Well, that's what the angels do. They are that part of you which you have allowed to be etherized, therefore, not considered viable as your dressed-up situations. So, they're always crying unto you.
It's a great Force Field because it's uncontaminated by your mind, but it's known to exist by its pulling at your heartstrings."

Close quote.
Thank you Dr. Mills for the reminder and the confirmation.


Anonymous said...

What about those of us that just like to whine, but don't often invest the energy in crying? ;-)

I tend to think my guardian angels are my friends like you, that keep me in their thoughts, provide me with truth from a new perspective, and be the redwood next to me.

Thank you for the compelling posts lately. I hope you are feeling well and will be surrounded by redwoods, either of the human or wooden variety this holiday. Love to you and Ann.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we need more people like Rolland on this earth!

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