Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama

Today is one of those times in each of our lives that we will remember with specific detail and visceral emotion. The inauguration of a President is significant enough, but when he or she is a first then it becomes special.

The world is watching, that much we know for technology is sophisticated enough for the inaugural ceremony to be carried into the smallest villages of the world where the democracy practiced in the United States can still be seen as a beacon of hope. It remains a ray of wonder that the liberty and freedom guaranteed by words and belief over two centuries ago is still valid and alive today.

If I were to bring my hopes and wishes for the new President into single words here are several couplets that come to mind.

Courage and compassion. Justice and understanding. Confidence and communication. Laughter and humility. Faith and tolerance. Listening and contemplation and finally joy and integrity.

To govern under a democracy is never easy. Freedom and liberty encourages vocal and peaceful descent. Governing requires fitness, compromise and trust. It requires intellect, grace and the personal sustainment of awe.

It also requires one other very important quality of life and living. Love. It is my prayer that President Obama embraces that divine balance every moment of every day in his service to humankind.

It is also my prayer that each of us find it too as we participate in this profound experiment called life.

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