Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration

Some brief observations about watching the inauguration ceremonies yesterday in Washington, D.C.

First of all I loved the pomp and ceremony, the traditions, the symbolism, the history and the individual performances that enhanced the event. Poetry, prayer, songs and music.

For the most part I thought the networks and the cable channels did a good job of covering the event given the geographic expanse and security limitations.

I do wish Wolf Blitzer of CNN would interrupt less than he does. As a long time anchor of various television events I understand the need for continuity, fill and prattle, but I have long been a proponent of listening to completion the thoughts of another and for the efficacy of natural sound for it often carries a meaning that belies spoken words.

I was disappointed in the people who only wanted to party and yell while the rest of us were trying to hear an answer to a question asked. What is it about cameras that make seemingly sane people jump up and down, wave, and act silly?

I was disappointed in a group of New York City High School students who were asked on CNN what they thought of the event. The answers were ignorant at best and stupid at the worst and I really am trying to be kind. Our nation does need to work on our education system.

I applaud the technology that allowed cameras at pivotal points all over the inaugural confines. Wow, how it has change since my first “watched” inaugural of Dwight Eisenhower. Years later I was a young reporter covering the White House and Capitol Hill during Nixon’s first administration and technology has certainly changed since then.

Above all, I loved the parade, patriotism, pageantry, great orchestration and especially the change of administrations. It was time. And having been at a number of similar big events, you’ve gotta love portapotties.

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