Thursday, January 22, 2009

Caroline Kennedy

Sometimes pure and rampant speculation is plain fun. So just for fun here is my take on why Caroline Kennedy withdrew from the list of those who’d like to be the junior senator from New York State.

I don’t believe the reasons given by her publicity people that she is concerned about her uncle Ted Kennedy and his battle with brain cancer. I’m sure she’s concerned, but that’s not the reason she is withdrawing from the senatorial list. It is, however, a convenient excuse.

Senator Ted Kennedy’s cancer battle has been ongoing for several months and his collapse at the Senate inaugural luncheon on Tuesday or anywhere for that matter, though not expected, is always probable with brain cancer. I can’t image that niece Caroline does not know that. I think she and the publicists are using Uncle Ted as a cover for the real reason.

In my made up scenario here’s what I think happened. Governor Patterson, as a courtesy, calls Ms. Kennedy to say that he is going to appoint someone else. She decides to save face and tells him she is withdrawing her name from consideration. Patterson agrees to go along with the story and everyone goes on their political way.

Since this is all fantasy, I think Governor Patterson ought to appoint himself to replace Senator Clinton and take his chances in 2010 with getting reelected. I think he’d have a good chance.

He has to run on his own anyway for the governorship in 2010.

I live in New York and he is well respected, but not solidly rooted throughout the state. He was Lt. Governor and was thrust into the job with the resignation of Governor Spitzer over prurient assignations with a high priced hooker.

I think Patterson would have a better shot as Senator in 2010 than to be reelected governor. Appointing himself would certainly get him out of the economic mess New York State is in at the moment.

Remember this is all fantasy and speculation. In truth he’ll probably appoint Kirsten Gillibrand or Andrew Cuomo or someone else. How’s that for specifics? We’ll see how it all works out in a few days.

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