Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for:

The true blue dream of sky - thank you e.e. cummings.
The fragrance of flowers.
The gift of life and the individual ways we can choose to live it.
The memories of living and passed loved ones.
The love and experiences of sons.
The love and experiences of grand-daughters.
Each breath I take.
Each taste I enjoy.
Each friend I talk too.
My puppy McGee.
The awareness of All That Is and his/her unconditional love.
The power of following one’s passions.
The miracle of difference and the oneness of all.
The love I feel from Spirit.
The rejuvenating quench of water.
The mystery of endings.
The sound and action of ocean waves.

And so much more. The Iroquois confederacy embraced a thankful ceremony that lasted three days. As they danced and chanted they thanked everything they could think of. I wonder if each of us thanked everything we could think of; would we have a less contentious society?

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