Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Many years ago the cabinet department of War changed its name to the Department of Defense. Since that time we have been in more wars than we have needs for defense. Yes, we always need to be vigilant, but let's call it what it is.

I think we need some new cabinet departments. We need one called the Department of Common Sense. Its mission is obvious. It would be independent from politics. It would oversee all bills emerging from Congress.

We need a Department of Compromise to work closely with Congress to teach each representative in each house what statesmen responsbility is.

We need a Department of Outward Benevolence to replace Homeland Security. We have been lulled into being a fear-based society. It's logical for authority to use fear as a motivator. Reason will never convince the populous to give up freedoms and constitutional rights. Fear works wonders. A Department of Outward Benevolence would concentrate on restoring comfort in travel, welcoming visitors with the appropriate technological security and to show them how a free society can operate without fear.

We need a Department of Debunkment. It would bring truth to all public political statements no matter what party or person says them. That used to be the job of the press.

Whoops, excuse me, I must have fallen asleep. I was dreaming.

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