Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anthrax Mistake!

One of the many things that bother me is the stupidity of the bureaucracy. A news story last night was that the military shipped Anthrax to a number of labs in seven states across the country via FEDEX, but the Anthrax was a live virus not a dead one as it was supposed to be.

The Pentagon called it a mistake. A MISTAKE! Good grief, a mistake that could have and maybe will infect a considerable portion of the population. Let us hope not!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of phrases that say, “it was a mistake and we are launching an extensive internal investigation.” Investigations are the “Mea Culpa” of disasters.

I’ve blogged in many posts that we are a fear-based society because authorities use the attack America modality as a means of getting the population to accept a usurpation of freedoms such as the NSA spying on all of our phone and Internet conversations.

The kind of mistake by our military is an egregious lack of intelligence and it is unacceptable. It is worse than any threat from outside enemies.

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