Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Good Day my friends,

So, I have been silent these last several days in hopes that my verbal silence would ease my inner rage at the unbelievable cruelty of humankind and the inability of America’s congress to do something constructive for the good of our collective future.

It didn’t work!

Rival biker tribes kill each other in Texas feud.

ISIS captures Ramadi in Iraq. Iraqi security forces again run away. Guess what was left behind? Yep! U.S. donated military equipment.

Gas companies raise prices in time for Memorial holiday travel.

The United States spends ump-teen billions more for weapons that end up being junk than a little on safety on trains at home.

Life’s complaints far out-number life’s praises.

Criticism’s far out-number appreciations.

People forget we create the illusion we live in.

It's hard to believe all of us started out as angels.

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