Monday, December 15, 2014

Unbelieveable Cruelty

Every once in awhile I come across a story that is so unbelievable it boggles the mind.

And in so many cases the instigator of the unbelievable is the United States Government.

Traditionally we are a government of the people, for the people and by the people, but when common sense leaves, bureaucrats rule and insensitivity and idiocy predominates.

A case in point comes from the Washington Post.

There are lawsuits pending in a number of cases, but this is the essence of a cruel, immoral and unusual punishment.

If your parents, or grand-parents owed the government back taxes or if the government decided that some refunds were overpaid decades ago, the Social Security Administration, AKA The Treasury Department, has and will confiscate the tax refunds of decedents.

One case involves a woman who was four years old when her Father died. Her Mother, according to some Treasury bureaucrats, received over-payments of survivor benefits to feed her five children and now owes money to Uncle Sam. The Mother sued and won her case against the government, but now the government is seizing the tax refund of her daughter, the former four year old, to satisfy the alleged old debt of her parents. This is unbelievable!

Guess who the Treasury Department says authorized them to do this unconscionable act? CONGRESS.

This has got to stop. The Washington Post reported in April of this year and in a follow-up story recently, that the Treasury Department has confiscated 75-million dollars from 400-thousand Americans. And we voted most of these elitists back into office. Good Grief!

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