Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Meadering Thoughts

This is the time of year of great introspection for some, guilt for others, and ennui for a few. The rest of us muddle through the holiday season with jubilations of joy, prayer, protestations of cheer and genuine good will toward humankind because we feel love or are with loved ones for the holiday season.

So what does this do for each emotional aberration that some choose to embrace?

I have many friends. I am lucky to have them in my mortal and hopefully in my after life.

This year some of my friends are dealing with spouses who are ill, the loss of a loved one during the year or the aloneness that wells when a loved one is away on business or duty when celebrating this festive time of year.

But what about those folks who are far less fortunate than my friends and whom we do not know and probably never will?

It seems to me that if we, the fortunate, truly feel compassion for those who are the have not’s, then we must not only comfort our friends, but embrace the stranger who hurts.

It isn’t easy folks.

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