Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Headlines

Do you ever wonder why sometimes we get depressed?

Look at the headlines over the weekend.

The Housing Secretary says foreclosure problems are shameful.

Gunmen kill 29 in Karachi as Pakistan’s election is held.

France reports a new terrorist attack in Europe is possible.

A super typhoon is heading to the Philippines.

Leaked Iraq war files worry the Pentagon.

Police shoot a football player at a NY bar brawl.

Kentucky Senate debate dissolves into name-calling.

Here’s the way the headlines could be envisioned.

Housing Secretary says we will fix the problems of housing foreclosures.

Militants save 29 in Karachi as election looms.

France reports dissidents involved in finding a solution.

Strong building codes in the Philippines humble a super typhoon.

Leaked Iraqi war files show Pentagon true to American principles.

A football player involved in a bar brawl praises police for restraint.

Kentucky Senate debate stays with the issues.

If we think it…could it not be that way?

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