Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wandering Mist

My thought wanderings this morning are motivated by the continuing climate of fear that seems to permeate the economic realms of our magnificent world.

I have come to realize that fear and trust are inimical. They cannot co-exist. You cannot tie one to the other for trust is real and fear is an illusion. Unfortunately so many choose the illusion. No matter how we let fear manifest in the mind, it is still a fiction, a false emotion precipitated by the ego and its need to justify and sustain itself. Trust, however, is a freeing gift from the benevolent and infinite Source that allows us to accept that things are as we create them on our path to enlightenment.

Throughout history humankind has been using fear as the great motivator, a great blindness as not to see the serendipitous joy in living. Individuals, groups, societies, religions and countries have used fear as a motivator to react and direct our thought and support to a specific area.

I have come to believe that once we acknowledge the genesis of fear, and trace it honestly and lovingly to our egos, it can no longer instigate or be the catalyst of negative action. When fear does not exist, sacred and unconditional trust emerges.

In my sixty eight plus years of shared emotions and blended tears in just the living of life, I have come to realize the importance of the truth of living in the moment, or the “Now.” I have always felt its efficacy, but its slamming reality is always brought home through crisis, through life's wanted and unwanted experiences, through meditation and through prayer and especially through joy. I believe we are eternal and each life is not only a physical concept embedded in matter, but a spiritual reality called spirit as we merge to the mystical Oneness in the far reaches of the inner universe.

We are all Chela's in the quest for knowing.

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