Friday, October 8, 2010


I heard on the news last night that Congress passed a bill that basically no one read; there was no debate, no publicity, no nothing. The bill was sent to the White House for the President's signature.

The bill would have given the banks an easier process to foreclose on millions of homes. Apparently someone at the White House read the bill and informed Mr. Obama of its contents. He did not sign it.

Where were our Representatives and Senators on this? Are they once again so busy keeping their jobs that they forgot to do their jobs. Who pushed this through Congress? The bank lobbyists?

It is time for a change! It does not matter who or what party you vote for or belong too. Those in congressional positions need to be replaced by responsible legislators. Lobbyists need to be curtailed. Seniority needs to end so committee chairmanships go to new blood and not to senior and often obstructionist and partisan politicians.

I am sure that many good babies will get thrown out with the changing bathwater, but that's the risk of ineffectual politics and not paying attention to your job.

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